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White Rhino Neutron Vaporizer

White Rhino

White Rhino Neutron Vaporizer

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  • Features
    • Neutron Vaporizer

      • Variable Voltage (3.7v-4.2v)
      • Sub-Ohm Ceramic Cube Atomizer
      • Locking Mouthpiece
      • Compact 4.5" Build
      • Black Matte Finish
      • USB Charging
      • Rapid Heating


  • specifications
    • White Rhino Neutron Vaporizer

      The White Rhino Neutron Vaporizer is a compact and stealthy wax concentrate vaporizer with a variable voltage battery, sub-ohm ceramic cube atomizer, and pocket-friendly 4.5 inch design. The innovative cube atomizer extracts intense flavor and smoothness with a high grade 100% ceramic heating element.

      Variable voltages of 3.7v, 4.0v, and 4.2v enable you to customize your clouds and optimize for your favorite wax concentrates. The higher the voltage, the faster the atomizer will heat up (and the larger the clouds will be).

      The White Rhino Neutron wax pen generates potent rips on-the-go with scientific precision.



      Variable Voltage Battery

      A simple single-button control lets you toggle voltage with a click-based system. Three voltages deliver small, flavorful clouds, moderate draws, and huge rips. The higher voltages heat very rapidly, enabling quick rips on-the-fly. In just a few clicks, you'll be ready to vape. The White Rhino Neutron vape can be fully charged via USB in just two hours.



      Ceramic Cube Atomizer

      Flavor-chasers will appreciate the intensely flavorful rips delivered by the ceramic cube atomizer. This advanced heating chamber is very rare, designed to extract great flavor with low temp rips. Loading the White Rhino Neutron is simple--just unscrew the locking mouthpiece to reveal the atomizer. Just a dab of waxy or thin oil will produce deliciously potent rips in seconds.



      Sleek & Compact Wax Pen

      At just 4.5 inches, the White Rhino Neutron is one of the most compact wax pens available. Its palm-sized design allows for discreet, travel-friendly vaping. You can enjoy big clouds without blowing your cover.



      Box Kit Includes

      • 1 x Variable Voltage Battery
      • 1 x Sub-Ohm Ceramic Cube Atomizer
      • 1 x Instructional Manual
      • 1 x Packing Tool
      • 1 x Micro-USB Charger
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  • Warranty
    • Warranty

      The White Rhino Neutron Vaporizer comes with a 1 Year Warranty.