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Plenty Vaporizer

Storz & Bickel

Plenty Vaporizer

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  • Features

      Product Features

      • Quick Heat-Up Time
      • Handheld Design
      • Accurate Temperature Control System
      • Stainless Steel Cooling Coil
      • Automatic Shut-Off Feature
      • 3 Year Warranty

      Product Accessories

      • 1 x Filling Chamber
      • 1 x Mouthpiece
      • 3 x Normal Screen Set
      • 2 x Tubing (Short)
      • 2 x Tubing (Long)
      • 1 x Cooling Coil
      • 1 x Liquid Pad
      • 1 x Cleaning Brush
      • 1 x Grinder
      • 1 x Instruction Manual


      The PLENTY Vaporizer is a powerful and robust hand-held device. The heat exchanger is equipped with a double helix to ensure efficient air heating and high-yield vaporization. The highly efficient stainless steel cooling coil ensures a pleasant aromatic experience. 

      How It Works

      If you’re using the Plenty for a solo session, you don’t need to use very much, basically just the amount necessary to dust the bottom of the chamber. For solo sessions you’ll want to place the included liquid pad inside before screwing on the cooling coil. This will ensure that your material remains snug inside the chamber no matter what angle you decide to vaporize at. If you’re going to use the Plenty with more than 2 people, you can go ahead and fill up the chamber completely; there’s no need for the buffer pad. 

      Once you’ve ground up your material and filled the chamber, you can attach the cooling coil which contains the Plenty mouthpiece. Set your desired temperature using the dial on the front of the vape. After you’ve chosen your temperature, hit the power switch to activate the heating element, you’ll see a little light illuminate and the temperature dial will slowly rise. After around 1 and a half minutes, you should be at your selected temperature level and ready to vape. There’s another switch on the handle, which is the automatic shut-off. We recommend using this feature if you want to keep your temperature consistent without losing vapor in between draws.

      Works With oils

      The Plenty is compatible with essential oils as well as dry material. To use aromatherapy oils, simply dab them onto the Oil Pad that comes standard with every Plenty Vaporizer. The oil pad provides a surface for your oils to vaporize thoroughly without gumming up any of the vaporizer with sticky residue.
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