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  • Features
    • Roil Features

      • 510 Threaded
      • Calibrated Low-Temp
      • Direct Quad Airflow System
      • Coil-less Ceramic Ring Atomizer
      • 650mAh Variable Voltage Battery
      • Blue XL Polycarbonate Visual Chamber


  • specifications
    • #ThisThingRips Roil Description

      The Roil Vaporizer is the newest addition to the #ThisThingRips family. It's #TTR style doesn't disappoint, the new Roil Vape Pen is equipped with an advanced coil-less ceramic ring atomizer, which delivers smooth, natural tasting dab rips without that burnt, charred taste. The Roil's state-of-the-art atomizer is free of exposed wicks and wires, allowing the Roil Vape to burn longer and at a lower temp. The Roil boasts a 510 threaded variable voltage battery, featuring three low-temp heat settings. Just like it's predecessors; the original R Series and R2, the Roil Vaporizer includes a discreet pen cap for ultra-low key usage.

      Coil-less Ceramic Technology

      For the low temperature, great taste and longer sessions enthusiasts, it doesn't get much better than the Roil's Coil-less Ceramic Dish Atomizer, which is completely free of exposed wicks and wires. Since your product is being heated through contact with a ceramic dish instead of red hot coils - it burns slower and at a lower temperature - resulting in better tasting rips.

      The Roil Battery

      #ThisThingRips equipped the Roil Vaporizer Pen with a variable voltage battery, which features three low-temp heat settings allowing for ultimate control. Pressing the power button three times consecutively allows you to toggle through the Roil's preset voltage settings, giving you the option to experiment and find the setting that works best for you. And since the Roil's battery is 510 threaded, it's cross-compatible with other atomizers from #ThisThingRips, including the OG Four 2.0's lava-quartz crystal atomizer, and the R2 Series ceramic rod atomizer.

      Roil Vape Kit

      • Silicone Jar
      • Loading Tool
      • Charging Unit
      • Extra Atomizer
      • 5 FREE EXTRAS
      • Extra Coil-less Ceramic Atomizer
      • XXL Platinum Cured Storage Jar
      • Discreet Pen Cap
      • Stainless Steel Tool
      • Cleaning Wipes
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  • Warranty
    • #ThisThingRips Roil Vaporizer comes with a 90 Day Warranty.