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  • Features
    • Micro Torch Features

      • Flame Lock Option
      • Flame Size Adjuster
      • 10 Port Fuel System
      • Anodized Outer Barrel
      • Sure-Spark Piezo Wire
      • Maximum Flame Size: 9"
      • Controlled Heat Dispersion
      • Grade A Ceramic Inner Barrel
      • Maximum Flame Temp: 2700°F
  • specifications
    • R Series Micro Torch

      The most compact and affordable torch lighter from #ThisThingRips, the R Series Micro Torch is small in stature, but big on performance. Featuring a patented Sure-Spark Piezo wire, the Micro ensures instant ignition every time. Utilizing an advanced 10 port fuel system, this torch is capable of producing a HUGE 9" flame that reaches a maximum temperature of 2700°F. The R Series Micro is also equipped with a flame lock and flame size adjuster, giving you total control over your dab experience.

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