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Pulsar APX Smoker Vaporizer


Pulsar APX Smoker Vaporizer

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THC Molecule
Wood Grain
Tie Dye
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  • Features
    • Smoker Features

      • Quartz-Lined Chamber
      • Ceramic Power Pad
      • 7-second Heat Up
      • Hand Blown Glass Mouthpiece
      • Compact and Discreet
      • Simple Operation


  • specifications
    • Pulsar APX Smoker

      Pulsar vaporizers has flipped the script with the Pulsar APX Smoker, a portable electronic pipe designed to deliver robust hits of smoke from your dry herb. The Pulsar APX Smoker can be carried in your pocket and hidden in your hand. A rapid heat up time, quartz chamber, ceramic power pad, hand-blown glass mouthpiece, and sleek, compact design make the Pulsar APX Smoker the ideal companion for those who still prefer smoking dry herb over vaping. Enjoy a smoky flavor and bouquet--all from an ultra compact portable unit.


      Temperature Controlled Battery

      The Pulsar APX Smoker features an easy-to-use 1100mAh battery with a single-button control interface. Power up with 5 clicks, hold down the power button to heat up, and start smoking in seconds. An impressive 7 second heat up time places the Pulsar APX Smoker up there with some of the fastest heating portable electronic pipes. Have rapid access to delicious smoke whenever you have a chance. The APX Smoker is set at a temperature that’s ideal for a delicious flavor profile. The Pulsar APX Smoker battery gives you an hour and a half of continuous hits, and it’s easy-to-charge via the micro-USB port located at the bottom of the unit.


      High Grade Smoke Path For Smoother Hits

      The APX Smoker may be designed to produce smoke, but a pure quartz lined chamber and all-glass mouthpiece cool those hot hits before they reach your palate while preserving the natural flavor and aroma of your dry herb strains. The APX mouthpiece pops off to show you the ample sized chamber with a ceramic power pad that cooks dry herb evenly and thoroughly. Expect big clouds of surprisingly smooth smokey draws.


      Slick, Easy-To-Hide Design

      Just as discreet as it is sharp-looking, the Pulsar Apx Smoker fits almost completely in your grip like a cigarette lighter. A backlit Pulsar logo illuminates when the power button is pressed to notify you that heating is occurring, and 4 LED lights help you keep track of battery power. Cleaning the mouthpiece and chamber is easy. A q-tip dipped in isopropyl will do. The brushed aluminum finish of the Pulsar APX Smoker feels cool and smooth and looks sleek. Smokers will appreciate the blend of smokiness and smoothness delivered by the Pulsar APX Smoker right from the palm of your hand.


      Box Kit Includes

      • 1 x Glass Mouthpiece
      • 1 x 1100mAh Battery
      • 1 x Micro-USB Charger Cable
      • 1 x Loading Tool
      • 1 x Cleaning Brush
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  • Warranty
    • Warranty

      The Pulsar APX Smoker Vaporizer comes with a 6 Month End User Warranty.