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PAX 2 Vaporizer


PAX 2 Vaporizer

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  • Features
    • PAX 2 Features

      • LED Interface
      • Self-Optimizing
      • 2 Year Warranty
      • Magnetic Oven Lid
      • Compact & Portable
      • Sleek & Stylish Design
      • Polished Premium Finish
      • Stainless Steel Herb Chamber
      • 4 Preset Temperature Settings
      • High Capacity Lithium-Ion Battery
      • Lip & Motion Sensing Technology
  • specifications
    • PAX 2 Vaporizer

      PAX is considered to be the best portable vaporizer in the world. With a remarkable line up of new features, PAX 2 brings a truly satisfying and unexpectedly elegant experience. Power efficient, ergonomically designed and reliable, PAX 2 is for the new or experienced vapor enthusiast. Simply power on and your next best moment is just 45 seconds away.

      PAX 2 Performance

      The stunning new PAX 2 Vaporizer is 25% smaller, 10% lighter and 30% more powerful making it the best choice in portable vaporizers. It boasts a deeper herb chamber for better more even vaporization. The PAX 2 has four temperature settings as well as lip-sensing, motion-sensing and auto-cooling technologies that optimize power and temperature intelligently during use. The magnetic USB charger allows you to charge more easily while the newly re-designed non-popup top allows you to vape faster. The more efficient battery heats up and gets you vaping within a minute and if your down to share, PAX 2 includes party mode to enhance your social smoking experience.

      How PAX Works

      Before using PAX 2 you’ll need to make sure it’s charged. Connect the cradle and cord provided to your computer or outlet adapter then place PAX 2 on the cradle to charge. Once PAX 2 is on the cradle, watch for the pulsing white petals. The more petals lit, the more charge PAX 2 has. PAX 2 is fully charged when all four petals stop pulsing and turn solid.

      Now that PAX 2 is charged, you’re ready to get started. Remove the magnetic oven lid and pack with your loose leaf material. PAX 2 provides the best vapor when the oven is packed firmly - and at least halfway full. You can pack and fill PAX 2 to the top edge of the oven for a longer session. If you like, you can use the lid to firmly tamp down the contents of the oven. Once your oven is nicely packed, replace the lid. PAX comes fitted with a flat mouthpiece, but also included is a raised option. Try both to find out which you prefer. They’re easy to switch out.

      A short press in the center of the mouthpiece will turn your device on. You can also remove the mouthpiece to power on. PAX 2 heats in as little as 30-60 seconds. The LED petals will pulse purple while heating. Once the LED lights turn green, you’re good to go. A gentle, cigar-like draw is best to start. Ensure your lips are placed around and not directly in the opening of the mouthpiece. When drawing, PAX 2’s green lights will pulse faster than usual. One full oven should last anywhere between 10 and 25 draws, depending on your temperature setting.

      PAX Temperature Settings

      • 360ºF (182ºC) – Low
      • 380ºF (193ºC) – Medium
      • 400ºF (204ºC) – Medium-High
      • 420ºF (216ºC) – High

      PAX 2 Accessories

      • 1 x PAX 2 Vaporizer
      • 2 x Interchangeable Top Pieces (1 Flat, 1 Raised)
      • 1 x Magnetic Oven Lid
      • 1 x Magnetic USB Charger
      • 1 x Bottle of Isopropyl Alcohol
      • 10 x Cleaner Tools
      • Includes 10-Year Warranty Protection
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  • Warranty
    • Warranty

      The PAX 2 Vaporizer comes with a 2 Year Warranty on the Heating Element and Electronics.