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  • Features
    • Wood Roller Features


    • Made From Sustainably Grown Bamboo
    • Built To Last A Lifetime
    • Double Thick Rolling Aprons
  • specifications
    • OCB Bamboo Wood Roller

    • OCB has perfected the paper rolling process! Made from sustainably grown bamboo, the OCB Bamboo Roller is easy-to-use and delivers an impeccable roll every time. Novices and connoisseurs alike will find the loading and operating of the OCB Bamboo Roller extremely simple and straightforward. These rollers use motion and pressure to help create an even, well-packed smoke with every roll. Simply open up the roller, Put in a filter, slide it to one side, and fill it with one pinch of your chosen material. Close the roller. Pick it up and turn both rollers toward you, using your fingers to keep the plastic apron on the inside so that the material gets nice and tight. Insert a sheet of rolling paper between the rollers, the gummed side toward you. It might require a little shimmying. Roll the paper in by continuing to roll it towards you. Stop before rolling it all the way in – you’ll want to leave a little sticking out so that you can lick it. Now roll it in the rest of the way, giving it a few more rolls. Open it up, and BOOM! You have yourself a perfectly rolled product.

      • Box Kit Includes

      • 1 x OCB Bamboo Wood Roller 79mm or 110mm

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