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Magic Flight Power Adapter 2.1 - Dial

Magic Flight


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  • Features
    • Power Adapter Features

      • Ready For Car Use
      • Endless Power Source
      • Variable Temperature Control
      • Connects to A Standard Wall Outlet
      • Designed for Use With the Launch Box Or Muad Dib Concentrate Box
  • specifications
    • Magic Flight Power Adapter 2.1

      The Magic-Flight Power Adapter 2.1 supplies you with endless power at the press of a button. It replaces the need for batteries while becoming an unlimited source of power when plugged in. Whether you’re at home or taking a cruise in your car, the MF Power Adapter 2.1 provides consistent power to your Launch Box or Muad Dib Vaporizers anywhere you go.

      Adjustable Power Delivery

      The built-in power dial provides you with the ultimate temperature control, allowing you to "dial" the temperature up or down on your Magic Flight Vaporizer. The Power Adapter can make your Launch Box function at cooler temperatures, producing more perfect vapor from your dry herb or hotter temperatures for vaporizing with other Magic Flight accessories, such as the Water Pipe Whip and Concentrate Trays.

      Box Kit Includes

      • 1 x Power Adapter 2.1
      • 1 x A/C Adapter
      • 1 x Car Adapter
      • 1 x Instruction Booklet

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  • Warranty
    • Lifetime Functional Warranty

      The Power Adapter 2.1 carries Magic Flight’s Lifetime Functional Warranty. If you have any issues with your Power Adapter 2.1 you will receive personal care and attention from the Magic Flight’s family of experts, who will walk you through troubleshooting procedures or issue a replacement if deemed necessary.

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