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Hot Box


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  • Features

      Whip Kit Features

      • Designed For Hot Box
      • Whip / Wand Set Includes Whip Tubing, 3x Hot Box Screens, Standard or Ground Glass Wand
      • Choose Either Standard or Ground Glass - Must Have Corresponding Version of HotBox
      • OEM Hot Box Product


      Hot Box Ground Glass Whip Kit

      The HotBox 2-Piece Ground Glass Hands Free Whip Kit is the perfect Accessory for your Hot Box Vaporizer. It’s made of the highest quality durable Pyrex and can be used with all HotBox Ground Glass Hands Free Vaporizers. The HotBox 2-Piece Ground Glass Hands Free Wand enables the user to achieve an extra-ordinary vaporization experience without having to hold the whip in place. The innovative ground glass construction provides the user with an air-tight seal that allows for the most efficient vaporization process possible.


      Box Kit Includes

      • Whip Tubing
      • 3x Hot Box Screens
      • Standard or Ground Glass Wand


      Size: 18mm

      Note: This Whip Kit is ONLY designed for use with Hot Box Ground Glass Vaporizers.



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