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Famous Brandz


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  • Features
    • Rocketship Water Pipe Features

      • Straight Neck
      • Ice Catcher
      • Downstem Percolator
      • Launch-Pad Base
      • 11.4" Length
      • Hand Blown
      • Borosilicate Glass
  • specifications
    • Snoop Dogg Pounds Rocketship Water Pipe

      The Famous Brandz Snoop Dogg Pounds Rocketship Water Pipe sends you hurtling through space with a rocket-shaped straight tube, handblown borosilicate body and launch-pad base. This 11.4" herb pipe also features an ice-catcher for cooled hits, and a downstem percolator that showers smoke into a bed of cleansing water to ensure smooth sailing along your intergalactic journey.

      High Grade Borosilicate Glass

      The Snoop Dogg Pounds Rocketship is handblown using high quality borosilicate glass that's durable enough to withstand high heat without cracking, breaking, or rubbing off on the flavor or aroma of your hits. Expect clean, smooth draws cooled by the moisture-conditioning of the downstem percolator and the inert nature of the borosilicate air path. This high grade glass water pipe retains its clean, clear look through the years thanks to that thermal resistance, making the Famous Brandz Rocketship a worthy investment.

      Downstem Percolator Water Pipe

      To ensure optimal moisture conditioning, the Snoop Dogg Pounds Rocketship features an additional filtration chamber that forces smoke and water through tiny holes using the pressure from each inhale. This process cleanses and cools each hit before it reaches the user's lungs. The Famous Brandz Rocketship bong filters out unwanted irritants while delivering the potent active ingredients of dry herb for a smoother interstellar trip. The added benefit of an icecatcher in the main chamber enables the Rocketship to further cool each draw before it is inhaled.

      Rocketship Design

      True to its name, the Snoop Dogg Pounds Rocketship has an aerospace design that's both functional and fun. A sturdy launch pad base keeps the unit upright during use, and the 11.4" vertical chamber churns up massive clouds. The straight neck makes for easy handling, transportation, and direct draws. The majority of the Famous Brandz Rocketship bong is clear glass, while the lip of the chamber, the handle of the bowl, and Snoop Dogg Pounds' clenched fist of a logo are available in orange, clear, black or white.

      Box Kit Includes

      • 1 x Famous Brandz Snoop Pounds Rocketship Water Pipe
      • 1 x Glass Bowl
      • 1 x Glass Downstem
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