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Famous Brandz


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  • Features
    • Pedro Water Pipe Features

      • Borosilicate Glass
      • Two Tone Color
      • Straight Neck Mouthpiece
      • Showerhead Percolator
      • Male Bowl


  • specifications
    • Cheech & Chong Pedro Water Pipe

      The Famous Brandz Cheech and Chong Up in Smoke Pedro water pipe provides smooth and cool hits from dry herb with an all-glass build, moisture conditioning system, and a showerhead percolator that filters and moisturizes smoke. This 8" dry herb water pipe is ideal for home use but is perfectly travel-friendly with a smaller size and sturdy build. Cheech and Chong would be proud of the Famous Brandz Pedro pipe, which features 100% borosilicate glass of the highest quality and a two-tone color style that looks groovy. The Cheech and Chong Up in Smoke Pedro has a 14mm male bowl, and a straight neck that extends the airpath to allow smoke to cool off for smoother hits.


      Durable Borosilicate Glass

      Famous Brandz crafted the Pedro water pipe from the best glass on earth. You can taste that quality in each hit. The 100% borosilicate is incredibly heat resistant, preserving flavor and cooling draws. With minimal reaction to high temperatures, the deep 14mm glass bowl will not adulterate the natural flavors of your favorite dry herb strains. The Famous Brandz Clyde is built to perform at a high level for a long time. The durable character of this glass prevents cracking and yellowing. The walls are easy to clean. Just load the Pedro with a cleaning solution and soak before wiping the interior down. True connoisseurs will appreciate the excellent hits produced by this borosilicate work of art, as well as its elegant two-toned look.


      Beaker Design

      With a wide base and beaker-like water chamber with a long, narrow neck, the Cheech and Chong Pedro pipe is designed for easy and enjoyable hits. The sturdy base ensures the glass pipe will not easily tip, while the elongated neck gives smoke plenty of time to cool off before it's inhaled. The neck also increases airflow for fuller, deeper draws. Smoke passes through showerhead percolators that diffuse it into water for cleaner tasting, smoother rips. While the Famous Brandz Pedro bong stands at 8 inches high, it's still compact enough to be easily transported. Dry herb enthusiasts seeking comfortable, tasty hits with a functional design have a found a new best friend in Pedro.


      Showerhead Percolator Water Pipe

      The Pedro pipe goes a step further than the average piece with a showerhead percolator. Smoke is shot into water through so many tiny holes in the mouth of the showerhead. Moisture attaches to smoke in the process, cooling each rip. But the percolator also acts as a water filtration device, cleansing the smoke of particulates. The result is a cleaner, better tasting hit that goes down smoothly. Those who want a cleaner way to enjoy their favorite herb will appreciate the delightfully palatable draws of the Famous Brandz Pedro.


      Box Kit Includes

      • Cheech & Chong Pedro Water Pipe
      • 14mm Ground Glass Bowl
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    • Warranty


      • Famous Brands - Cheech & Chong



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