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Eyce Mold Water Filtration Pipe



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  • Features

      Eyce Mold Features

      • Easy to Make
      • Delivers Cool Smoke
      • High-Quality Components


      Eyce Mold Water Filtration Kit

      The Eyce Mold Water Filtration Kit includes everything you need to create your very own frozen water pipes at home. The kit comes with the Silicone Mold, Core Pin, Grommet, Down Stem, Mouth Piece, Stand and User Manual. (Slide not included) These 6 pieces create a revolutionary new kit that is the first of it's kind. Everyone owns a glass water pipe, now is your chance to get creative and be the first to own a water pipe completely made out of ice! Not only is Eyce fun and exciting to use, but our water pipe's deliver the coldest, smoothest, cleanest smoke imaginable. All Eyce products are high quality and long lasting. Discover the possibilities for yourself, and give this one of a kind water pipe a try.


      Box Kit Includes

      • Silicone Mold
      • Core Pin
      • Grommet
      • Down Stem
      • Mouthpiece
      • Stand
      • User Manual




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