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      Evoke Features

      • Induction Heating Technology
      • Smart Vape Platform
      • Quality Construction
      • Robust Vapor Production
      • Unique Design


      Evoke Vaporizer

      Evoke is a handheld vaporizer that uses induction to vaporize your favorite material, whether that is E-Liquid, Concentrates or Dry Herb. Evoke features an on-board microprocessor that communicates with your smartphone via Bluetooth in order to customize heat settings and monitor battery life.


      Evoke Induction

      Induction heating is a method of creating heat via magnetic fields. Evoke is the first vaporizer to use induction as a method of heating, although stoves, welding rigs, and other industrial applications have been around for years. Induction works by passing alternating current through a copper coil, creating a magnetic field. The Evoke vaporizer uses this magnetic field to heat a special metal wick, which vaporizes material. Using induction this way gives the Evoke advantages in versatility, durability, precision and practicality.


      How Evoke Works

      Evoke’s Induction Core contains a copper coil which creates a magnetic field. Evoke has three different available Induction Cores: eLiquid, Concentrates and Dry Herb. The different induction cores can be changed for one of a different size, giving Evoke the ability to vape all three materials. The copper coil in Evokes induction core is not the heating element and is never in contact with the vaping material. Unlike the traditional wick and coil system used in most vaporizers, our coil will never wear and break from the stress of repeated heating. Evoke’s metal wick is heated evenly by the magnetic field created by the Induction Core, making more precise temperature possible. No hotspots are created, and by adjusting the power settings Evoke can be tailored to your preferred vaping temperature. 


      Box Kit Includes

      • Evoke Vaporizer
      • Induction Core
      • 3 x Reusable Capsules & Susceptors
      • Battery
      • Charger




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