C-Rig Stealth Vaporizer



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  • Features


      C-Rig Stealth Features

      • Glass Tank Design
      • High-Quality Atomizer
      • One-Button Activation System
      • Micro USB Port
      • Simple Operation


      C-Rig Stealth Vaporizer

      The C-Rig Stealth Vaporizer is made for all wax/concentrates and utilizes a glass tank, allowing the vapor to form around the atomizer. The C-Rig Stealth features a micro USB port for easy charging and a high-quality atomizer for vaporizing your waxes quickly and efficiently. Just place a dab of your favorite waxy oil directly onto the atomizer, press the button for 4-7 seconds, and inhale the vapor through the mouthpiece. The one-button activation system makes the C-Rig Stealth Vape Pen very simple to operate and the mouthpiece cap that covers the glass provides extra protection.


      Box Kit Includes

      • 1 x Battery
      • 1 x Atomizer
      • 1 x Glass Tank
      • 1 x Mouthpiece Cap
      • 1 x USB Charger
      • 1 x Instruction Manual
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