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Baker Dab Vaporizer

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  • Features
    • Baker Dab Features

      • Reaches up to 700 degrees
      • Fast Heat-Up Time
      • Ceramic Heating Element
      • Compact Design
      • Compatible with 14MM or 18MM
      • Includes All Glass Globe


      The Baker Dab Vaporizer can reach temperatures of up to 700 degrees in a matter of minutes, employing a fast heat up time along with a ceramic heating element for maximum performance and smooth vapor draws. Vaporblunt, the company well known throughout the vape industry for the top rated Pinnacle Pro vaporizer, has developed their first desktop unit and they nailed it!

      Baker Dab Quality

      This high quality medical grade vape will vaporize your flowers or essential oils with ease, allowing you to take giant hits of tasty vapor without worrying about constantly refilling the unit or cleaning it out after every few uses.  The top of the heating chamber on the baker is fitted with an 18mm PonG adapter which allows you to quickly connect up to your favorite water pipe for ultimate filtration and advanced purification. The baker uses typical bullet containers; one for use with dried herbs and a second for use with oils / waxes. The Baker Dab Vaporizer is an all around great desktop unit for any vapor lover.

      Baker Dab Accessories

      • 1 x Power Cord
      • 1 x Tool
      • 1 x Tubing
      • 1 x 14MM PonG Adapter
      • 1 x 18MM PonG Adapter
      • 1 x 14MM GonG Adapter
      • 1 x Glass Globe
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