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  • Features
    • Nano NBW Waxy Vaporizer Features

      • Quartz Heating Rod
      • Single Button Control
      • Extra Compact
      • Stealthy
      • Printed Circuit Board
      • USB Charging
    • specifications
      • Atmos Nano NBW Waxy Vaporizer

        The Atmos Nano NBW Waxy Vaporizer is a super compact and stealthy wax pen for on-the-go use. A high grade quartz rod atomizer delivers ample cloudage of pure flavor. A single button interface offers simple usability, while the pocket-friendly design ensures a discreet, portable vaporization experience. For those with no time to waste, a powerful battery with a printed circuit board creates big rips in seconds. The Atmos Nano NBW Waxy Kit is easy-to-use and powerful, making it a great choice for beginner and advanced users alike.


        Quartz Rod Atomizer

        Equipped with a quartz rod heating element, the Nano NBW wax pen extracts flavorful rips from your favorite waxy oils. The quartz is capable of preserving the true flavors and aromas of wax concentrates all while creating big clouds. The Atmos Nano NBW comes with 2 advanced quartz rod atomizers to keep you equipped. Just screw on the atomizer using the threaded connection, load a dab of wax and you're ready to vape.


        Advanced Battery

        Atmos has delivered a wax pen that's not only compact but mighty. An advanced printed circuit board makes for lightning fast hits. Just hold the power button down to enjoy quick rips on-the-go. The vapor production is surprisingly ample despite the small size of the unit. You can power up the Atmos NBW Waxy Kit using the included USB charger, making it easy to charge up from the car, computer, or AC outlet using a wall adapter.


        Stealthy Wax Pen

        The Atmos Nano NBW is one of the most compact wax pens out there. Slender as an office pen, you won't even notice it in your pocket. You can conceal it in your hand while you take big rips. Those with busy lifestyles will appreciate this simple and discreet unit. You can take quick hits on your feet in a matter of seconds then pocket it away. The Atmos Nano NBW Wax Kit is a vaporizer for wax aficionados who want a stealthy companion that packs a punch.


        Box Kit Includes

        • 1 x Atmos Nano NBW Waxy Vaporizer Pen
        • 2 x Quartz Rod Atomizers
        • 1 x Packing Tool
        • 1 x USB Charger
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