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AroMed 4.0 Vaporizer

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  • Features

      AroMed Features

      • Very Effective: Extracts More than 90% of Active Substance
      • Quick Heat-Up Time (2 Minutes)
      • Pure Flavor
      • Precise Temperature Control
      • Water Filtration
      • 3 Year Warranty


      Aromed Vaporizer 4.0 is hand crafted in Germany by a company called Research & Experience. Aromed Vaporizer 4.0 is a very precise hot-air vaporizer which produces active vapor virtually free of harmful substances. Aromed Vaporizer 4.0 has a hot air source of undeniable purity and an additional water filter. The hot air for the Aromed Vaporizer 4.0 is provided by an energy saving ultraviolet-free halogen light bulb that is controlled by a precise microprocessor. Fresh or dried plant material, tinctures, or essential Minerals are all the same applicable with the Aromed Vaporizer 4.0 . The hot air source is placed above the plant material. Therefore only during inhalation, active substances are set free. The Aromed Vaporizer 4.0 can be filled with more than one dosage, and inhalation is possible to the user's liking without in-between switch-offs. More than 90% of the active substances are to be inhaled.

      AroMed Accessories

      • 1 x Carrying Case
      • 1 x Water Filter
      • 1 x Silicone Tubing
      • 1 x Mouthpiece
      • 1 x Herb Holder
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