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Choosing A Vaporizer

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Using A Vaporizer


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Choosing A Vaporizer

What is a vaporizer?

A Vaporizer is a device used to release the active ingredients of your blends or oils/concentrates without combustion (which creates smoke). This is achieved through either Conduction or Convection (see below).

How is vaporizing healthier than smoking?

Instead of burning the material, your product is heated at a much lower temperature. This allows one to receive all of the benefits that blends have to offer without the carcinogens and other nasty by-products that are released during combustion (smoking).

What's the difference between Conduction and Convection?

With Conduction vaporization, your blend is placed in direct contact with the heating source. On the other hand, Convection vaporization occurs when hot air passes over the blend, but never actually touches the heating element/source.

Do vaporizers make any noise?

Most vaporizers make no sound at all. However, some of the forced-air units (Volcano, Extreme Q, etc.) will make a light fan noise when the balloons are being filled or air is passing through the whip.

Does my vaporizer come with a warranty?

For each vaporizer, the warranty period and coverage is pursuant to the manufacturer’s warranty policy. Most of our vaporizers come with at least a 1 Year Warranty, however, many of them include a Lifetime Warranty.

Is there a smell associated with vaporizing?

There is a slight smell that is released upon exhaling (comparable to lightly burnt popcorn), but it’s very mild when compared to smoking.

What is a forced-air vaporizer and how does it work?

Forced-Air Vaporizers represent the new wave of Vaporizers. These high-quality Vaporizers utilize a Forced-Air system, which is quite simply an internal fan that propels hot air over your herbs. This process creates a perfect vapor stream that can be filled in a bag or enjoyed through a whip attachment. Some of the best vaporizers on the market utilize a forced-air system because it provides the user with a consistent and reliable stream of vapor. Many of these units also have different fan settings to control the speed of hot air that flows over your herbs.

Vaporizer Accessories

What is a "whip"?

A "whip" is comprised of 3 pieces – mouthpiece, tubing and wand. The Mouthpiece is where you place your mouth to inhale the vapor. The tubing, typically about 3 feet long and comprised of vinyl or silicone, is what the vapor travels through while you’re inhaling. The wand is the most vital component. Generally made of glass, it utilizes a screen for holding your blends and connects to the heating element on your vaporizer.

How often should I change or replace my whip/balloon?

The mouthpiece and wand portion of a whip are made of glass and can be cleaned every few months with some Agent Orange, Orange Chronic or any other household remedy (such as rubbing alcohol and salt). The tubing portion of a whip can also be cleaned with those cleaners; however, we recommend that you replace it every few months with brand new tubing. Unfortunately, balloon bags cannot be cleaned and should be replaced after every 75-100 uses.

How do I change my screen?

First, make sure you have the right size screens. Vaporizers utilize screens of all sizes…from 1/8" to 1". Now changing your screens can be a little tricky. To remove, simply poke the screen out with a tool of some sort (brush, paper clip, etc.). That’s the easy part. Adding the new screen is the tough part. It takes patience and a small tool of some sort to correctly position the new screen inside the glass wand. It usually helps to slightly bend the screen into a concave shape before trying to insert. Use your tool to push the screen into the proper position where it can lay relatively flat and hold your blends while vaporizing. (A few manufacturers have developed "Easy Whips" that employ a convenient 2-piece system that allows the user to separate the whip in two parts for simple and easy screen replacement.)

Is there anything I should order as a supplement to my vaporizer?

We carry a large variety of accessories that can further enhance your vaporizing experience.

Will I ever need to replace any parts on my vaporizer?

Depending on which vaporizer you own and how often you’re using the device, certain parts may need to be replaced every so often. This may include screens, whips, batteries or cartridges. We sell all these replacement items on our website.

Are there any attachments to make herbal vaporizers compatible with concentrates?

Many of our vaporizers offer an attachment that will make your herbal vaporizer compatible with concentrates like wax or oil.

Are all whips compatible with any vaporizer?

No. Most vaporizers utilize a 18mm ground glass connection. However, there are a few (like the Vapor Brothers) that utilize a different size connection.


Why am I not seeing any smoke?

There shouldn't be any smoke, you're vaporizing! The whole idea of vaporizing is to avoid the dangerous effects of smoking. You should, however, see a light cloud of white vapor when you exhale. How much vapor you see depends on your vaporizing temperature. Higher temperatures will produce denser vapor, whereas lower temperatures will produce less visible vapor.

Why aren’t my blends turning to ash?

Your blends should never turn to ash while vaporizing. Since you are heating the blends at a much lower temperature than smoking, you are avoiding the point of combustion which normally turn your blends into ash. Instead, you are extracting the key elements from your blends without actually burning them.

Why won’t my pen vaporizer heat up? Is it locked?

Most pen vaporizers come with a lock mechanism. This is utilized so that your unit doesn’t unintentionally heat up while in your pocket or purse. To unlock/lock, simply press the button 3-5 times in rapid succession.

Will I get bigger clouds of vapor if I turn up the temperature?

Yes. Turning up the heating temperature will typically produce more noticeable and bigger clouds of vapor.

My pen vaporizer won’t turn on. What's wrong?

Most pen vaporizers have a 5-click lock mechanism. Simply click the button 5 times rapidly and it should turn on.

Using A Vaporizer

What is the perfect temperature for vaporization?

It really depends on the vaporizer. However, the optimum temperature range for most vaporizers is somewhere within 335 to 385 degrees Fahrenheit.

How long does it take for the vaporizer to heat up?

It really depends on the vaporizer. Some vaporizers take 3-4 minutes to reach vaporizing temperatures, whereas some units can heat up in 10 seconds!

Do I need to grind my blends before vaporizing?

Definitely. Grinding your blend allows for more efficient vaporization because it increases the surface area of your blends and allows hot air to pass through much more effectively.

How do I clean my vaporizer?

For glass components, Orange Chronic and Agent Orange are an excellent choice for keeping your glass clean and sparkling. You might need to disassemble some of the parts before you begin to ensure a thorough cleaning. Q-tips are great for reaching those hard-to-reach spots. Most vaporizer screens can be cleaned with a small brush or glass-cleaning solution. This allows for proper air flow and maximum efficiency.

How can I tell when my blends are finished vaporizing?

It all depends on your preference. Some users will stop when the blends have turned lightly brown, while other users will vaporize until the blends are much darker.

How do I load my wax/oil into my pen vaporizer?

We recommend using a dabber tool. A dabber tool is a small metal instrument that makes the adding and removing of your wax/oil painless. It also allows the user to accurately apply the wax/oil directly onto the atomizer or into the oil cartridge.

How should I inhale while vaporizing?

For most vaporizers, we recommend a slow and steady inhale. This will typically produce the best results.

Should I still charge the batteries if they came charged when I received them?

Yes. We always recommend that you fully charge your battery upon receiving your new vaporizer. This will ensure maximum performance and battery life.

How tightly/loosely should I pack my herbs in the heating chamber?

For most vaporizers, we recommend that you pack your herbs very loosely in the heating chamber. This allows for better airflow and more efficient vaporization.


How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Vapaura's Shipping Policy features swift order processing with same day dispatch for orders placed Monday – Friday before 3:00pm EST (1:00pm for orders shipping to Canada). Vapaura offers FREE 2-5 BUSINESS DAY SHIPPING on all orders over $40 within the USA. All orders $100+ will qualify for FREE 1-2 BUSINESS DAY SHIPPING. Most other orders shipping to the USA will arrive in just 2 to 3 business days with our standard shipping method. If you wish to obtain a guaranteed delivery date, please choose an upgraded shipping method.

How will my package be shipped?

We place a very high value on your privacy, so your orders will always be shipped in plain, unmarked packaging. Our packaging is inconspicuous with no indication of the contents on the outer packaging; no Vapaura logo, no product indications. The return label on your package will indicate "Shipping Department", along with our address.

International orders do include a commercial invoice for customs documentation, which appears on the outer packaging. The invoice includes a packing list indicating: Tax ID, Item, Item Weight, Item Value (Price), and Item’s Country of Origin.

Which days do you ship?

Vapaura warehouses operate Monday through Friday. Our Shipping Policy features swift order processing with same-day dispatch for all orders placed Monday - Friday before 3:00pm EST (1:00pm for orders shipping to Canada).

Who is your shipping carrier?

We ship with FedEx, FedEx Express, and the United States Postal Service (USPS). Orders shipping within Canada will ship via USPS.

Where do you ship from?

Our warehouses are located in Illinois, California, South Florida, New Jersey, Las Vegas, and Canada. Our sophisticated order management system will ship your package from the closest location with available inventory. Please contact us for details regarding availability.

Is shipping free to Alaska and Hawaii?

Yes, standard shipping is free to the U.S. on all vaporizers and orders over $40. Express options subject to change.

Will I have to sign for my package?

While an adult signature is required for orders $200 and greater, an “Indirect Signature” option is available for most locations. The Indirect Signature service will not require you to be home when the carrier attempts to deliver your package. Please contact us for further details.

Do you ship to P.O. Boxes?

We will ship parts, accessories, and smaller items to Post Office Boxes. However, if you are purchasing a vaporizer, please give a physical address. Larger orders and most vaporizers are shipped with FedEx, which offers a sophisticated tracking system.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Pretty much everywhere. Please note that on USPS First Class packages tracking is only available until the item reaches the US border. Also, remember your country may levy taxes, customs fees, or import duties on the purchase that you'll be responsible for.

Are the bonus packages free?

Yes, most vaporizers feature a free bonus package exclusive to Vapaura.

Do you take payment over the phone?

Yes, you can place your order via phone by calling Vapaura's Customer Service team at (847) 901-3211. We accept credit cards, debit cards, and gift cards backed by Visa, Discover, American Express, and Master Card. If you prefer to pay with PayPal, you can place your order online at

Do you accept checks or money orders?

We do accept USPS Money Orders. You can place your order by phone, and your order will be shipped after we receive your payment. Please contact us for details.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

Only residents of Illinois, California, Florida, New Jersey, Nevada, and Canada are required to pay sales tax.

What's your return policy?

We allow returns of all unused and unopened items for 30 days after the date on which you received your order. You can send it back to us and will receive a refund equal to the total amount paid minus a 15% restocking fee and free shipping costs. Just shoot us an email at first to get your unique RMA number and return instructions. Check out our full Return Policy.