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G Pen Elite Vaporizer - Badwood Edition

Grenco Science

G Pen Elite Vaporizer - Badwood Edition

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  • Features
    • Elite Vaporizer Features

      • Custom Badwood Artwork & Kit
      • Easily Fits in Pocket
      • Rapid Heating
      • Deep Ceramic Chamber
      • Brilliant LED Interface
      • Battery Level Indicator
      • Precise Temperature Adjustment (200° - 428°F)


  • specifications
    • G-Pen Elite Vaporizer - Badwood Edition

      The Badwood G Pen Elite portable vaporizer embraces the taboos of vaping with a “good girl gone bad” attitude. This collaboration between Grenco Science and Los Angeles artist Natalie Wood comes in a clutch bag adorned with the Badwood Ski Mask girl, and features tattooesque roses and barbed wire artwork by Wood. Under the hood, the Badwood G Pen is geared for quality dry herb vaporization on-the-go. This tight little vape packs one of the biggest herb chambers in the game, an advanced convection heating system (ideal for dry herb vaping), and precision temperature control--all tucked into a sleek and sexy design.



      Ergonomic Design

      The G PEN line is known for its style, and The Elite has taken that to the next level. The new ergonomic design features a compact body engineered for ultimate portability without sacrificing its stylish appearance.



      Complete Temperature Control

      The Badwood G Pen Elite lets you vape as hot as you like with precision temperature control. Choose between a temp range of 200F to 428F using simple up and down buttons. Pinpoint the ideal temperature for unlocking terpenes and cannabinoids, and explore different vapor profiles. Smaller, tastier puffs, moderate draws, and big, bountiful clouds are available across a broad spectrum of temps. Once you’ve picked the best temperature for your favorite dry herb strains, things heat up in just 30 seconds.



      Overflowing With Badass Accessories

      The Ski Mask clutch bag is fully stocked with accessories for the Girls Night Out lifestyle. A Badwood bottle opener grinder card, miniature permanent marker, Badwood rolling tray, temporary lip tattoos, and adhesive bandages leave you rough-n-ready for anything the night throws at you. Vaping essentials like a Micro-USB charger, G Pen tool for loading herb, and cleaning brush are also included. Charge from almost anywhere to keep vaping through the day or night.



      Convection Dry Herb Vaporization

      The Badwood G Pen Elite features a convection heating system that delivers clean-tasting, delicious vapor in seconds. Rather than heating dry herb directly on the walls of the chamber, the Badwood G Pen spews hot air to thoroughly vaporize everything in its path. No burning. No smokiness. Just the flavors and aromas of dry herb as they’re meant to be experienced. Like precision temperature, convection heating is fairly rare in the vape world. And the Badwood G Pen Elite has both.



      State Of The Art Technology

      The G Pen Elite features custom temperatures and a brilliant new LED interface that shows the current temperature and battery life. It takes only 30 seconds to heat up, even with one of the largest chambers on the market. This fully ceramic chamber allows for 360% heating on all sides, which provides unparalleled flavor.



      How It Works

      Fully charge the device (minimum of 3 hours). Remove the mouthpiece by gripping both sides firmly in one hand and lifting one side upward. Fully load the chamber with your preferred ground material. Power on the device by pressing the front panel button 5 times (press 5 times again to turn off). Use the side buttons to select your preferred vaporization temperature. Hold the front panel button down for one second, release, and wait. Once the LED display indicates that your selected temperature has been reached, you can begin to draw from the vaporizer.



      Maintaining Your G-Pen

      Use a small cleaning brush between every time you empty the device. This will help remove any residual debris from the chamber. For a deeper clean, cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol can be used. The chamber should be fully dried before subsequent use.



      Box Kit Includes

      • 1 x Badwood G Pen Elite
      • 1 x USB Charging Cable
      • 1 x Badwood Tray
      • 1 x Badwood Bottle Opener G Card
      • 1 x Ski Mask Clutch
      • 1 x Badwood Mini Marker
      • 1 x Ski Mask Compact Mirror
      • 1 x Temporary Lip Tattoo Set
      • 1 x Sticker Sheet
      • 1 x Adhesive Bandage Set
      • 1 x G Pen Elite Keychain Tool
      • 1 x Cleaning Brush
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    • Warranty


      • Grenco Science



      Grenco Science provides a 1 year Warranty on its products, contact them at if you have any questions.