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Vapaura has the largest selection of Forced Air Vaporizers as well as Balloon Bag Vaporizers. These are the heavy duty power-house machines of the vaporizer world. These high-quality vapes utilize a forced-air system, meaning an internal fan propels hot air over your herbs, heating them by way of convection heating. This use of heat creates the best vapor you have ever tasted. Check out our selection below.

A forced air vaporizer, also known as a balloon bag vaporizer, is perhaps the most effective model of vaporizer. This type of device will create the best herb vaping experience you’ve ever had. Vapaura offers a wide variety of forced air vaporizers for you to try for yourself. But before you buy, read on to understand how this type of vaporizer works and what benefits it will provide for you. Upon doing so, you will surely be excited to purchase a balloon bag vaporizer for yourself. 

How a Forced Air Vaporizer Works
This type of vaporizer uses convection-style heating which is more effective than the traditional conduction method. The convection method of heating is a process in which hot air is pushed over the herbs via an internal fan. This hot air heats your herbs within the vaporizer and creates a smooth hit for you to enjoy without directly burning them. This forced air method of heating provides an experience like no other.

The Benefits of a Balloon Bag Vaporizer
Since balloon bag vaporizers use the convection heating style, they will offer a smooth and flavorful vapor hit that you will love. Vapers everywhere agree that forced air vaporization creates the best vaping experience when it comes to vaping dry herbs, oils, and wax. It will essentially give you a better taste in your vape hit in comparison to vaporizers that use a conduction method of heating. If you’re searching for the best tasting, highest quality vaping experience possible, you definitely need to try a forced air vaporizer. 

Buying a Balloon Bag Vaporizer
The best balloon bag vaporizers for sale can be found here at Vapaura. Try the Arizer Extreme Q Digital Vaporizer, one of our most popular models. It is versatile as it offers balloon and whip functions. It also includes a quieter fan, precise temperature control capabilities and a ceramic heating element. If this model isn’t the right fit for you, all of our other forced air vaporizers are great options as well!