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If you have a need for a quick detox, we have what you want. We carry a wide variety of different detox methods from chewables, urine cleansers and hair follicle shampoos.

If you need to pass a drug test there are a few methods available to detox from THC. Buying detox products is simple with our variety of supplies: we offer chewables, urine cleansers, and hair follicle shampoos. Purchasing the proper kit will ensure you pass your test, whether you are a heavy or light user of cannabis.

Some methods will target your bladder and urinary tract to flush out and eliminate toxin metabolites. This can be done on the day of your test as a last minute solution. So whether you can plan ahead for a new job, or need a quick fix, our Test Pass Detox Value Pack has the solution for you.

Have you been using our products at a time that’s a bit too close to your scheduled drug test? Don’t panic. Just as we can provide you with products to help put dry herbs into your system, we can also give you products to help take it out. We sell a number of detox products and kits that will save the day and work to give you a better chance of a “negative” test result. Our detox products can be used in advance of a number of different tests including urine, saliva, and hair follicle tests. Vapaura can help you survive drug tests, no matter how soon they may be. 

Different Products for Different Tests
No matter what type of drug test you may have to undergo, we have the detox products that will save your day. Need to give a urine sample? No problem. With our selection of urine-cleansing solutions, we can get your urinary tract clean of all traces of dry herbs. Or maybe you are scheduled for a saliva test and need your mouth cleaned. Use one of our chewables to get the job done! And we can even help when you have to do the test that can detect long-term use - the dreaded hair follicle test. Thankfully, we have hair follicle shampoos that will work to give your hair a deep clean and work to prevent your test coming back as positive. 

Vapaura to the Rescue
If you were recently surprised by an upcoming drug test, there’s no need to fret. Buy detox products at Vapaura to keep you from failing. Our chewables, urine cleansers, and hair follicle shampoo will all be of great assistance in passing your drug test. Vapaura is here to help keep you in the clear by providing you great detox products at affordable prices!