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Why Finding a Bo Vape for Sale Could Change Your Vaping Experience

If Juul, or any other slim e-cig unit hitting the market, thought they had the “pod mod” system on lock, they would be wrong. Bo Vape by Bo Vaping is an all-in-one e-cig that utilizes the same liquid pod system with a few twists, turns, and changes that make this one inviting option.

What is Bo Vape?
Bo Vape is an e-cig that closely resembles a real cigarette in shape and size. There are two varieties: Bo One and Bo Plus. Bo One is the smaller of the two units with the battery holding 380 mAh. The Bo Plus is slightly larger to accommodate the 800 mAh battery. Both use the same liquid pods called Bo Caps, or Bo pods.

Bo One uses a magnetic charger like most similar units. However, Bo Plus, thanks to the larger battery, uses a USB-C charging cable. USB-C charging cables are often called fast chargers, which is reflected in the time it takes to recharge the Bo Plus – just 15 minutes.

Bo Vape Terminology
The terminology used for e-cigs changes from one company to the next. Understanding what you are buying can be a much easier process if you know what you are reading.

AIO – All-in-one. The unit does not have multiple, removable pieces.

Bo Caps – Pods. The liquid-filled pods that snap into the top of the Bo Vape.

Liquid Pod Mod System – Bo Caps.

Puff Activated - Power on. The unit powers up when you drag, pull, or “smoke” the Bo Vape.

mAh – Battery strength. The larger the mAh number, the more power the unit holds.

How is Bo Vape Different from Other Vaping Options?
There is a large variety of e-cig and vaping hardware on the market. Many vaping forums have members that tend to focus on the larger units that allow a customized experience, such as adjusting temperature or voltage, trying out new tanks and atomizers, and even connecting the units to your computer via Bluetooth.

Bo Vape is not as complex, but what it loses in complexity it makes up for in design, functionality, and portability. There is no hardware to maintain, other than the physical unit, and you will not spend hundreds of dollars to give it a try. Vaping has been considered expensive by some, but Bo Vape cuts the start-up costs up to 75-percent compared to box mods and more substantial vaping hardware.

Who is Bo Vape Made for?
Bo Vape is perfect both for people who are new to vaping and seasoned vaping veterans. The ease of use and low start-up costs are ideal for those who want to try vaping, either for recreation or as an alternative to smoking tobacco.

People who have been vaping for years may use larger box mods with 3000 mAh batteries and large tanks, but portability can be an issue. The Bo Vape is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. This makes the unit perfect as a backup when you are on the go.

Bo Cap Vape Juice Flavors
The Bo Cap flavors available to you will differ depending on where you find the Bo Vape for sale. However, the caps are available in a variety of options, including Jelly Mixed Berries, Fresh Mango, Icy Mint, Lemonade, Fresh Apple, Tobacco, Menthol, and Raspberry Wafer.

Bo Vape For Sale – Specs
The two options of Bo Vape for sale are the Bo One and Bo Plus. The specs vary widely.

- Bo One: 3.9” long; 380 mAh battery; Magnetic charger; Disposable pods or Bo Caps; Starter kit comes with the e-cig vaporizer and a USB charger

- Bo Plus: 3.9” long; 800 mAh battery; USB-C fast charger; Disposable pods or Bo caps; Starter kit includes an e-cig, USB-C fast charger, and two Bo Caps

A Quick Look at What Bo Vape Has to Offer
- What You’ll Love: Start-up costs are less than $40. Change out pods in seconds. Larger variety of flavors compared to some similar products. Sleek, colorful skins allow personalization. Bo Caps are available via subscription at a reduced price. Fast recharge takes as little as 15 minutes. Compatible power bank can recharge the unit up to four times on one charge. Not all vape shops carry Bo Caps, but you will find a Bo Vape for sale at Vapaura. No glass tanks or messy refills to worry about.

- What You May Not Like: No nicotine-free pods are available at this time. Bo Caps only hold 1.6 ml of e-liquid. Bo Caps are not reusable. Only the Bo Plus comes with a fast charge option. The flavors are limited. Choosing nicotine level, outside of the preset levels from Bo, is not an option.

Vapaura offers a sleek, lightweight design in their available Bo Vape kits. Whether you choose the Bo One or the Bo Plus, you will be up and running in no time. Simply charge, snap in the cap, and vape. For more information on Bo Vape or other vape pens available at Vapaura, head on over to their website at

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