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What to Look For in Your Vaporizer Mouthpiece

So, you’ve just entered the world of vaping and you’re curious about all of the different products and applications that are out there. That’s understandable! Starting out, it can seem a bit overwhelming to sift through all of the different accessories to find what’s right for you. Anything from an atomizer to a coil is going to be a deciding factor that dictates your vaping experience, so you want to be educated on your purchases. There’s no sense in going in blind and ending up with a vaporizer that doesn’t suit you; take the time to really browse your options and get the most out of your purchase!
Vaporizer Mouthpiece

When choosing attachments for a vaporizer, people often empasize on the functionality of the heating process. Everyone wants to have the specific drag that they enjoy, so people often focus on what kind of coil and atomizer they’ll be working with. This may be a good place to start, but often, the hunt for functionality dismisses the need for comfort. What’s the point of using a vaporizer if the mouthpiece is uncomfortable? That’s why, when you want to enter the world of vaping, you want to really look into Vaporizer Mouthpieces and make sure you purchase one that’s right for you!

What Kind of Options Are There?

Let’s talk about some of the options that are out there. Different mouthpieces are going to work for different kinds of vapes, so you want to be use you are choosing the right one for you. For example, you won’t want something like the Arizer 3ft Whip if you have a handheld vape that you like to use on the go. However, if your vaping experience is with a desktop vaporizer and you typically want to lay back and relax while you vape, the Arizer 3ft Whip is perfect for you. 3 feet of medical grade tubing allows you to sit back and continue to vape instead of getting up every time you’d like to take a puff. It also comes with a glass mouthpiece, which some prefer.

You’re probably wondering what different materials mean for different mouthpieces, and that’s definitely something to take into consideration! The Arizer 3ft Whip mentioned above comes with a glass mouthpiece, but not everyone prefers glass. What’s nice about glass is the fact that you can reuse and clean the mouthpiece instead of something like the Atmos Nail Mouthpiece Set, where each mouthpiece can be used several times, but does get dirty and needs to be discarded. In that sense, a glass mouthpiece is a more permanent investment, which may be an attractive option for some buyers.

Another thing to take into consideration is the brand that you’re working with. Both of the above mentioned Vaporizer Mouthpieces are designed for a specific sort of vaporizer. If you look at the BHOLT mouthpiece, you’ll notice that it only serves as a replacement chamber mouthpiece for the BHOLT vaporizer. So, when you’re thinking about what vaporizer you want to buy, it’s important to also look into what attachments it’s compatible with. If you don’t mind a vaporizer that has restrictions and can only really work with it’s own specific mouthpieces, then maybe this won’t be an issue for you. However, if you want to have more options, look for a vaporizer that has more access to customization.

The most important thing that you want to investigate is what shape you like your mouthpiece to have. Every mouthpiece has a different feel to it, and obviously choosing between glass and other materials is important, but there’s a huge difference between a bulky mouthpiece versus a tube. The DaVinci Straw offers a sleek and thin mouthpiece that is equivalent to sucking through a straw, whereas the Atmos RX Rubber mouthpiece is similar to drinking from a water bottle with a rubber mouthpiece. Think about what you want your vaping experience to be like, and take these qualities into consideration.

Why You Should Choose Vapaura

When it comes to vaporizers, vaporizer accessories, and really anything vape, Vapaura has an incredible selection at amazing prices and can introduce you to the vaping world hassle free. If you’re just starting out, take a look at our vast selection and find the rig that’s right for you! We have both desktop and handheld vaporizers and we also hold the materials to customize both.

When you shop at Vapaura, you know that you’re going to get the highest quality vaporizers. That’s why, when you’re figuring out your favorite Vaporizer Mouthpieces, you should take a look at our selection. Every single mouthpiece mentioned above is offered at Vapaura, and for a great deal! Not only this, but all sorts of atomizers and attachments are offered so that you can individualize your vaporizer in any way that you see fit! Browse through our site today, and let’s see which vape products are right for you!

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