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What Sets a DaVinci Portable Vaporizer Apart from the Rest

A true connoisseur of vaping loves to branch out, trying new flavors and experimenting with all the different combinations and options available. That’s why you deserve a vaporizer built for the finest vaping experience. DaVinci puts careful care into their top of the line vaporizers in order to provide a superior vaping experience, adding a level of care and sophistication that out classes any mediocre model. Every DaVinci portable vaporizer we carry here at Vapaura features precision controlled temperature options designed to cater to the various needs of all the herbs and essential oils that people love to vaporize. This careful adjustment allows the vaporizers to produce the specific vapor you’re seeking without producing smoke, carcinogens, or unwanted flavors. Each vaporizer is of superior quality and, like all the vaporizers at Vapaura, offered to you at the lowest prices available anywhere.

DaVinci’s most basic model, simply called the DAVINCI VAPORIZER, was designed to be the most efficient portable vaporizer on the market. With its streamline design and small size, this DaVinci portable vaporizer can be taken anywhere, while its snap lid makes it completely safe for travel. With a built in latch to secure the lid when it’s closed, you’ll never have to worry about spilling your contents while on the go. This model is also versatile and capable of vaporizing both herbs and oils or concentrates, giving you greater control and customization of your vaping experience. The DAVINCI VAPORIZER even features an internal storage compartment, carrying an additional 3x load for when you’re on the go.

The DAVINCI VAPORIZER is also loved for its simple and easy construction. There is no assembly required for this model, and the use of a food grade silicone flexi-straw means there is never an issue of straw pieces breaking on your vaporizer. The entire unit is built with durability in mind. The internal components are carefully secured inside the vaporizer so that an accidental fall will not spell the death of your unit. Meanwhile, its deliberate external design features an ergonomic grip to minimize chances of the DAVINCI VAPORIZER slipping out of your hands.

The next DaVinci portable vaporizer in our collection is the DAVINCI ASCENT VAPORIZER, a more slender model that features a removable glass mouthpiece and a ceramic heating element in a highly discreet package. Just like the DAVINCI VAPORIZER, the DAVINCI ASCENT VAPORIZER is capable of utilizing wax concentrates in addition to dry herb and comes with special glass oil jars that are used to separate wax concentrates from dry herb when vaporizing. That separation minimizes cleaning and maintenance for the machine, allowing you longer usage between cleanings.

What sets the DAVINCI ASCENT VAPORIZER apart from the rest is its all glass air path. Glass will not release any odors or toxins when it is heated, making it a much better material than the plastics and metals that can be found in many other portable vaporizers. This means that an all glass air path is cleaner than other designs, and because glass doesn’t add any odors, you can enjoy the rich flavors and aromas of your favorite dry herb or wax concentrate without any interference or added taste from the unit. The glass is also simple and easy to clean, and can be stored safely inside the vaporizer whenever you aren’t using it.

Finally, the ultimate DaVinci portable vaporizer in our collection is the highly advanced and aptly named DAVINCI IQ VAPORIZER. This top of the line vaporizer takes the variable temperature capabilities of its predecessors to the next level with smart path technology, allowing the unit to slowly increase temperature throughout your vaporizing session. This allows you to explore a complete range of flavors and effects in one sitting, as different temperature levels will produce different results. Even better, the smart paths are completely customizable through the DAVINCI IQ VAPORIZER Bluetooth app. Alter the range of temperatures your unit will go through over the course of a session, as well as the amount of time spent waiting between the different heat levels for an entirely personalized experience. The DAVINCI IQ VAPORIZER is even smart enough to remember your settings for next time.

As the most advanced in the DaVinci line of vaporizers, this model is also features the most advanced design. Its lightweight, highly resistant anodized aluminum casing speaks of lasting durability, protecting the delicate internals, while the subtle yet beautiful color options add a level of elegance to the highly sophisticated design. Those delicate internals certainly hold a lot of power, though! With replaceable 18659 batteries that can run the unit for over three hours and a micro-USB port for charging, you’ll never be inconvenienced by a lack of power ever again.

We’ve only just scratched the surface of all the fantastic qualities that make the DaVinci brand the king of portable vaporizers. Explore our selection for yourself and find out just how much a DaVinci vaporizer can completely revolutionize your vaping experience.

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