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What is the Best Herb Vaporizer for You?

At Vapaura, we carry a large selection of herb vaporizers ranging from the discreet pen to the tabletop balloon unit. Herb vaporizers use indirect heat to prevent the herbs from catching fire in the cylinder reducing the throat burn or irritation associated with the direct heat method.

What is an Herb Vaporizer? An herb vaporizer is a battery or electric-powered device with a metal compartment that holds dry herbs. When turned on, the area around the metal compartment heats, sometimes to temperatures exceeding 800-degrees Fahrenheit. The heat is intense enough to promote vapor production from the dry herbs, but the heating element is far enough away to prevent the herbs from catching fire. Burning herbs is a popular option, but using indirect heat produces a smoother hit that rarely burns the throat.

If you’re shopping for a dry herb vaporizer, read the product description carefully. Some brands come with modification equipment that adapts the herb vaporizer for wax and oil.

Types of Herb Vaporizers The incredible thing about herb vaporizers is the variety you have to choose from today. Innovation is consistently setting a higher bar for the best herb vaporizer, and at Vapaura we upgrade our selection with every unique release. The five most popular herb vaporizers are the cup, pen, box, hookah-style, and balloon.

Cup The vapor cup is a staff favorite at Vapaura. There is nothing more discreet than carrying around a cup with a straw. What people don’t know is that under a privacy sleeve is a digital control panel. To use the herb vaporizer, remove the lid, add dry herbs to the designated compartment, and replace the top. Next, remove the privacy sleeve, turn on the heating element, and set the desired temperature. When vapor is produced, the straw is your mouthpiece.

Pen Another discreet option in herb vaporizers is the pen. Pen vaporizers look identical to e liquid and wax vape pens. Some pen vaporizers are capable of heating wax as well. Pens have a smaller herb compartment, but the longer battery life compared to larger units is a good trade-off. The biggest hindrance with pen-style products is cleaning the herb chamber. Cleaning brushes are included with most brands, but you may need something smaller to dislodge any herbs stuck to the sides of the chamber.

Box Box herb vaporizers look identical to e liquid box mods. Box units use larger batteries with some producing 4400MAH of power. Larger batteries allow the heating coils to reach a higher temperature and extend the battery life, so the unit lasts longer between charges. The one pitfall of box vaporizers is the mouthpiece. Mouthpieces are either attached or detachable. Attached mouthpieces can’t be removed, so the user doesn’t have the option to change things up. Removable mouthpieces can be detached and, in some cases, they can be changed out with different shapes and sizes.

Hookah-Style We think the hookah-style is one of the best herb vaporizers on the market. Units range in size with some standing only five-inches tall. What’s unique about many hookah vaporizers is the hands-free option. A glass or ceramic mouthpiece is attached directly to the vapor output tube. Once connected you lean forward and pull on the mouthpiece.

For users who prefer a cooler hit, a plastic tube is attached to the vapor output tube. A mouthpiece is located on the opposite end of the tube. As you hit the herb vaporizer, the vapor travels through the tube allowing it to cool along the way. You’ll find very few hands-free vaporizers, but Vapaura always has them in stock.

Balloon The Volcano is well known, and indeed, one of the best herb vaporizers ever developed. Once loaded with dry herb, the balloon vaporizer pulls in and filters the air. The air is heated and circulated around the dry herb. As vapor is produced, an attached balloon fills with vapor that is up to 75% stronger than that produced by alternative methods, in the case of the Volcano brand. Once the balloon is full, it is detached from the vaporizer. The balloon holds vapor for up to eight hours without losing strength or taste.

A Note About Safety Over the years, more than 1500 plants have been used in smoking herbal blends, but not all are safe. Some herbs have been used to repel insects and others as weapons during wartime. Before crafting an herbal blend at home, check and double check that the herbs you’ve chosen are safe for human use.

At Vapaura, we love what we do, but we love making our customers satisfied even more. From the stealthy pen vaporizer to tabletop units, we’re always on the lookout for the best herb vaporizer to share with you. Check out our selection of herb vaporizers on our website at and if you need help making a choice or if you have questions about herb vaporizers, give us a call at 847-901-3211 or email one of our experts at We’re here to help you, not because we have to, but because that’s what we love to do.

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