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Three Affordable Desktop Vaporizers

So, you love your portable vape or vape pen, but you think that it’s time for an upgrade. It’s not that you don’t enjoy your device(s), but you know that you’d like something far more powerful when you come home. Whether you’re an everyday vape enthusiast, or a stereotypical sith lord, there’s one thing that we can all appreciate: raw power. Assuming you don’t match the “sith lord” description, we assume that you’d like to see that raw power come from your vaporizer rather than the dark side of the force. All Star Wars jokes aside, there’s something to be said about the extremity and high-functionality of a nice desktop vaporizer.

A high quality desktop vape provides the optimum functionality that some users desire most. If you’re the kind of person who loves to have options, a powerful desktop vaporizer will typically have more than a pen or portable vaporizer. However, they can be quite expensive. Sometimes, your wallet just can’t take the hit. Well, here at Vapaura, we pride ourselves in our selection of vaporizers and vaporizer products, and we make sure to sell a variety that accommodates any sort of income. Consider your debacle solved: when you need a cheap desktop vaporizer, we’ve got you covered. Below are four of our favorite choices for an affordable desktop vaporizer that we know you’ll love!

Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer  
First on our list is the Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer. This is the entry-level model, and for $50 more, you can enjoy the Arizer Extreme-Q Vaporizer (the V-Tower’s older brother). Both are fantastic, but we’d like to focus on the cheaper option. At only $120, this vape is actually going to be the most expensive on our list. When you want a high-quality vaping experience for a fraction of the price, this is your guy. The temperature settings are impeccable. When you play around with the temperature control, you’ll find your sweet spot somewhere in between its 122F-500F capability. The box kit comes with 3FT food grade vinyl tubing, a glass cyclone bowl, a mini whip with a glass elbow adapter, a mouthpiece, a glass stirring tool, additional replacement screens, and one potpourri/oil dish. That, right there? That’s a bargain.

Easy Vape Vaporizer/Easy Vape 5 Digital Vaporizer
Number two is technically two choices, because the kind people at Easy Vape decided to give you fine customers the option between digital or not. The Easy Vape Vaporizer (or the Easy Vape 5 Digital Vaporizer) clocks in just under $100. Did you ever think that you’d find a worthwhile desktop vaporizer for under a hundred? Vapaura did, and we’d love for you to have it. The main difference between the two is a digital screen interface, and that’s just a matter of preference. If you enjoy an analogue temperature dial, you’ll want to get the Easy Vape over the Easy Vape 5. Regardless, both feature a ceramic heating element, glass-on-glass components, a digital temperature display, and a hands-free whip delivery system. This joyous box also comes in different colors so you can order to your liking! These two are great because they’re perfect for beginners and veterans alike. The temperature control is easy to use and you’ll be able to find your perfect heat in no time. This is a cheap desktop vaporizer that will truly reconnect you with your couch.

Vapor King Vaporizer

If there’s one thing that we want you to take away from this article, it’s this: Vapor King makes excellent products. That’s why we keep them in stock, and that’s why they’re the King. The Vapor King Vaporizer, for many, will be the best choice on this list. Why is that? Price. It’s unbelievably cheap. It’s $60! You’re probably already rushing to purchase one, but just in case you stuck around, let us fill you in on the details. It’s simple to operate. It’s got hands-free technology. It’s got a high-quality ceramic heating element and an advanced temperature control system. And it’s unbelievably cheap. Since it’s hands free, you can enjoy your pull without having to hold the whip in place. The ceramic heating element creates a quicker heat-up time, so you can start to vape within 30 seconds. Also? It’s gorgeous. If you’re looking for the perfect “starter model,” look no further. For only $60, you get a glass wand, food grade vinyl tubing, a glass mouthpiece, a cleaning stick, a power cord, and an instruction manual. We could not recommend this more for first time users, or really for anyone who wants the quality of a desktop vaporizer for a fraction of the price. All hail the King.

What now?
So, thus concludes our little chat, and we hope you learned a lot! We apologize if the sith lord joke from the first paragraph offended any actual sith lords, and we hope that if you are a sith lord, you’ll still feel comfortable buying a cheap desktop vaporizer from our fine selection. At Vapaura, we want everyone to know that they can afford the desktop vape that they deserve. While you’re checking out these models, browse through the rest of our selection. There, you’ll find a vast selection of vaporizers and vaporizer accessories, all for your choosing. We hope you enjoy your shopping experience, and we hope to see you again!

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