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The Superior Efficiency of Pulsar APX Wax Vaporizers

In the world of modern vapes, there are two things that matter most: portability and power. It can be hard to pack a lot of power into a small enough package to be slid discreetly into your pockets, though, and oftentimes vapers find themselves having to choose between the most portable designs and the strongest batteries and internal heaters. That’s not a problem with Pulsar APX wax vaporizers. These sleek little vapes pack a punch with quartz atomizers that run hot, fast, and efficient, giving you the freedom of a perfect vaping experience wherever and whenever you want it!

At Vapaura, we carry two different Pulsar wax vaporizers: the PULSAR APX WAX VAPORIZER and the PULSAR APX VOLT VAPORIZER. Each offer their own unique benefits, and each is available in several different great colors and prints like Silver, Wood Grain, or Tie Dye. They both also automatically come with a one-year end user warranty, and the option to add Vapaura’s 2-Year or 3-Year Extended Warranty, or even our Lifetime Warranty. Plus, the high quality glass mouthpiece of either model is perfect for a smooth, clean vaping experience, because unlike other materials, glass doesn’t give off any unwanted flavors or toxins when it’s heated.

The PULSAR APX WAX VAPORIZER is a sleek and stylish combination of portability and power, available at a fantastically low price. This model is living proof that a budget friendly vaporizer doesn’t have to mean poor quality, and you can rest assured that nothing has been sacrificed for the sake of affordability. Built from top tier materials, including a triple quartz coil atomizer and barb coil atomizer, this lightweight, discreet vaporizer is as durable and powerful as it is portable. Thanks to its 1100MAH lithium-ion battery and triple quartz coil, the PULSAR APX WAX VAPORIZER heats up in just five seconds! This means there’s no wait – your vaporizer will always be ready to go when you are.

Enjoy a superior vaping experience from Pulsar’s amazing wax vaporizer, all thanks to the barb coil atomizer and the 100% pure quartz chamber. Made of extra thick high-grade steel as well as medical grade quartz coils, the barb coil minimizes wax combustion, conserving product while maximizing vapor flavor and resulting in a highly efficient vaping experience. Meanwhile, thanks to the pure quartz chamber and glass mouthpiece, you can enjoy the smooth milky hit of your favorite wax product without the contamination of any unwanted flavors leaching out of the unit.

The second Pulsar wax vaporizer model we carry at Vapaura is the PULSAR APX VOLT VAPORIZER, a 3.5” tall micro-sized unit with variable temperature controls. The PULSAR APX VOLT VAPORIZER has the same 5-second heat time as its predecessor, but also features a low temperature capability and four different voltage settings, allowing you to customize your vaping experience to the wax you’re using and the flavors you seek. Because different flavors are produced at different temperatures, the variable heat settings of the PULSAR APX VOLT VAPORIZER allow you to experience even your favorite waxes in a whole new way.

Unlike the previous model, the PULSAR APX VOLT VAPORIZER is coil-less, featuring a quartz cup atomizer instead of the barb coil atomizer we explored before. This pure quartz cup atomizer design still conserves product, allowing for beautiful and cost effective vaping efficiency, while minimizing the amount of effort it will take to clean and maintain your unit. Because there are no coils, there are no coil replacements necessary, freeing you from having to spend time and money on new pieces as well as eliminating the waste of discarding old ones.

Of course, the heating coils aren’t the only pieces that make up a quality vaporizer, and they aren’t the only pieces you may find yourself replacing. One of the few downsides of the Pulsar models is the fact that glass mouthpieces are more likely to break than a metal mouthpiece, particularly if you drop them. But have no fear – Vapaura comes to the rescue! If you ever do find yourself in need of a replacement mouthpiece, Vapaura stocks both glass and metal options for the Pulsar APX models. Simply log onto our site and click the Pulsar brand to find an easy fix to get your favorite vaporizer back up and running. We also carry atomizer tanks and both barb coil and triple quartz coil atomizer replacements in case of a particularly unfortunate accident, all at the lowest prices available anywhere.

Vapaura’s mission is to provide great quality vaporizers at highly affordable prices. With super efficient, fast heating abilities and highly portable vaporizer models offered at budget friendly prices, Pulsar’s wax vaporizers are some of the best models we have to meet that goal. Browse through our selection today to choose the best Pulsar vaporizer for you, and enjoy fast, free U.S. shipping when you buy either of these models, because we know how important your new vaporizer is to you, and we want you to enjoy it as soon as possible.

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