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The Firefly 2 Has Lit Up Vapaura

Firefly Lights Up!

The Firefly 2 Vaporizer has finally touched down and it's a beaut! The most anticipated portable vaporizer unit ever has arrived and anyone looking for a perfect convection vaporization experience will love the Firefly 2.

Only activated when applying pressure to the dual touch sensors, the Firefly 2 reaches the perfect temperature in just five seconds, providing on-demand vapor whenever and wherever you desire. This unique feature allows you to conserve your herb during a break in puffs or when passing the Firefly Vape to your  Pokemon Go partner. 

The Firefly 2 is 33% smaller than the original, making it more discreet and portable. It's predecessor; The FireFly, had a stainless steel chassis which has been replaced with an ultra-lightweight magnesium alloy to make the FF2 55% lighter . Simply put, there's no other portable vaporizer like the Firefly 2.

The FireFly 2's dynamic convection heating technology offers advanced software that allows you to choose between a variety of heat settings ranging from 340 °F to 420 °F for dry material and up to 500 °F for concentrates. This convection heating gives you perfect vaporization, making the Firefly 2 the top premium portable vaporizer on the market. It heats to 400 °F after only 3 seconds making this portable vaporizer the fastest draw in the vaporizer world! Draw for a short time for light vapor, or take longer draws if you prefer a richer vapor. The Firefly 2 APP allows you to choose from multiple heating profiles keeping you in complete control. 

If you've been thinking about purchasing a high quality portable vaporizer and you wont settle for anything but the best, The Firefly 2 Vaporizer is your light in the dark.



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