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The Best Vape Mods for You

If you’ve stumbled across this blog, chances are you are new to vaping and are looking for the best mod starter kit to get yourself acclimated with. Before I go into discussing which vape mods are best to start with, let me explain what a ‘mod’ is.

If you’re looking into vaping, you have probably already tried vaping with a vape pen. Vape pens are super easy to use, small, discreet, and can easily fit in your pocket or purse. Vape pens are great starter vapes because they give the user an idea of what it’s like to vape. However, if you’ve been using a vape pen for some time, you might be looking for something a little bit more ‘modified’ for a better vaping experience, hence the term ‘mod.’ Although you can get vape pen mods (as opposed to just a regular vape pen), these mods are typically bigger models with more functionality than regular vape pens. With a mod, you get more vapor and can customize it for a more personalized vaping experience by increasing (or decreasing) the voltage, changing the temperature, and more.

Vape mods, however, are not only small in size like the vape pen mods. Whereas these are discreet and easy to carry with you on-the-go, there are plenty of other mods that are much bigger in size and made to be set up at home or at the office for a kind of sit back and relax type of vaping experience. At Vapaura, we’ve got a number of different vape mods for you to choose from. If you’re looking for the best mod starter kit for you, check out the options below:

Eleaf iStick 2200MAH Battery Full Kit 30W If you’ve browsed through our site, you’ll notice that we have various Eleaf vaporizers available. However, if you want a mod that can give you options, a good choice is the Eleaf iStick 2200MAH Battery Full Kit 30W. With this vape, you get a mod that is still pretty small in size making it easier to carry around with you, but also packs a punch. This vape mod kit features variable voltage from 2V-8V, variable wattage from 5W-30W, resistance range of >0.4, OLED display screen, OHMS meter, advanced safety features, and more! It comes with 1 iStick 30W 2200mah battery, 1 USB cable, 1 EGO threading connector, 1 1A wall adapter, and 1 User manual. For a kit that offers users a high degree of control over their vaping experience, this vape is a steal at a low price of $49.99!

Kanger Drip Box 160W Kit With this Kanger Drip Box 160W vaporizer mod kit comes the new, re-vamped squonking method! A squonking vape is a vape that has a bottom liquid feeding rebuildable unit that needs to be squeezed in order for the liquid to transfer through onto the cotton, eliminating the need for a drip method. This vape features a variable wattage range of 1.0W -160.0W, temperature adjustment range of 200 degrees F-600 degrees F, low voltage protection, short circuit protection, low resistance protection, reverse battery protection, and more. The kit includes 1 drip box 160W kit, 1 velocity style RBA coil, 1 drip box coil, 1 spare squonk tube, and 1 USB charging cable. At just $76.90, this vaporizer kit offers a great vaping experience at a great price!

Joyetech EVIC VTC Mini Kit This vaporizer is 510 threaded and features OLED display, 4.0ml capacity, airflow control valve, variable wattage of 1W-75W, variable voltage of 0.5V-8.0V, resistance rage, temperature range, and more. It includes 1 EGO one mega tank, kanthal, nickel, and titanium coil heads. With three different color options to choose from, this vaporizer features all the modifications you can get for a vaporizer of this size and still allows to be carried on the go. Coming in at just $94.99, this vaporizer is a great choice to get you graduated from a small vape pen to a more modified vaporizer for a better vaping experience.

Kanger SUBOX Nano Kit Finally, the last vaporizer I am going to mention in this article if the Kanger SUBOX Nano Kit. This kit is one of the best mod starter kits for someone looking to step into a more experienced vaping world. It features an OLED display, dual-airflow control, pass-through battery, magnetic battery door, aqueous ceramic coating, variable wattage of 7W-50W, is compatible with kanger occ coils, and more. It includes 1 Kbox Nano, 1 subtank nano, 1 OCC 0.5 coil, 1 OCC 1.5 coil, 1 pyrex glass tube, 1USB cable, and 1 instruction manual. This vaporizer is easy to use with settings that are easy to change for a fully customized vaping experience you don’t forget.

Whether you are looking for a first-timer vape pen, a more customized vape mod, or desktop vaporizers for work and/or home, has everything you need! Browse through our website and check out our options or give us a call at 847-901-3211 and let our excellent customer service team help you find the best mod starter kit for you!

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