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The Best Brands When it Comes to Vaporizers for Dry Herb

While the compact vape pens for wax, oils, and other concentrates can be basic devices that all have similar components and pieces, looking at vaporizers for dry herb is a completely different ball game. There are vape pens that efficiently and effectively turn your dry herb to vapor, but then there are the behemoth table-top vaporizers, that quite frankly, make hearts race by their complexity and possibilities. 

vaporizers for dry herb

With such a wide range of devices available to vape with dry herb, it can be confusing, not to mention frustrating, to sort through all the options and choose your new device. However, many people are prioritizing the factors that make a dry herb vaporizer ideal for everyday use. These features include portability, can fit in a pocket or purse, easy to activate, and quick to heat. Also, a long battery life is helpful for people with busy lives and little time for recharging. 

With that in mind, there seemed a need for a list of go-to vaporizers for personal, daily use. So here’s a look at a few of the brands and devices making the best vaporizers for dry herb in 2017. 

The G Pro for Dry Herb
The G Pro Vaporizer is made by the company Grenco Science. It is a sturdy, portable vaporizer that is sold in a sleek all black style. The device is rechargeable, as all portable vaporizers should be in 2017 and the battery is long-lasting. Users say they don’t have to attach this dry herb vaporizer to the charger every five minutes. That makes it a great vaporizer for daily use.

This device is really easy to use and intuitive. It has temperature controls and you choose your temperature when you turn it on. In seconds the device will heat and a green light indicates that you are ready to vape. The best way to describe the vapor coming from this guy is smooth and easy. For beginners in dry herb vaping, this device is ideal. 

The Atmos brand has been making dry herb vaporizers from the beginning. Their devices are sleek, and interestingly described by many users as stealthy. It is an interesting term to apply to a vaporizer, but we get it. These devices could easily be used as crime fighting tools in a Batman movie with it’s silver or black exterior. Each Atmos vaporizer for dry herb is slightly different and run the gambit on price, but we’ll focus on one of their higher-end devices, the Atmos Boss. This vape pen was actually released back in 2014, but the latest version sets the bar for what is good about portable dry herb devices in 2017. 

Atmos says the Boss is the next phase of dry herb vape pens, with its slender, streamlined shape. The device has a stainless steel heating chamber and starts heating with the press of a single button. Not to worry, Atmos considered there might be a few hot pockets with this technology and made it reactive to the texture of human skin, think how your iPhone works with your fingerprint. 

The other upside of this everyday vape pen is that it is simple to clean. There is no mess or long process because the Atmos Boss doesn’t leave behind a residue. It is an aromatic vaporizer. All of your dry herb is turned to vapor, which eliminates the gooey aftermath that comes with a lot of devices. 

Vapium Summit
The Summit vaporizer from hardcore vaporizer maker Vapium is one of the best selling devices online and in stores. When you start to dig into the details of this portable dry herb vaporizer, it is easy to see why people love it. Also, it is the must on a list of daily use vaporizers because this is one device that is designed to last. 

The Summit is best known for its rugged look and powerful hit. The device is made first and foremost to be a sweet tasting vaporizer with a smooth vapor, but that doesn’t keep it from being durable. There isn’t anything flashy or over the top about the matte black exterior and three button system. You simply press the power button to turn it on, flip through the eight temperature setting and pick your desired temperature, and then wait for the Summit to tell you it is heated. 

The simplicity and tough exterior is what has a lot of people carrying the Summit on a daily basis, but this device is designed to literally go anywhere. It travels well and even withstands the natural elements, to a degree. Hard to break, and with a sweet vapor to boot. 

The entire vape team at loves to try, review, and talk about products. It is how we decide on the best dry herb vaporizers to carry in our online store. Visit to shop our selection today.

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