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Soar to New Vaping Potential with the Pulsar APX 2

You know that scene in 2001: A Space Odyssey where the monolith hits the earth, and apes slowly walk towards it beating their chests until one touches it and suddenly understands the importance of tools? Look, we’re not saying that the Pulsar APX 2 is the technological equivalent of that monolith, but we’re also not not saying that. To put it in layman terms, this vaporizer is the next enlightenment of mankind.

Okay, so maybe we’re over-selling it. This is, however, one of the finest vaporizers on the market. As if Pulsar didn’t absolutely nail it with the first one, they’ve come back with a vengeance, and no one could turn down a vaporizer that, well, kicks this much ass. We’ll stop raving about it and give you some specs; we promise.

Pulsar APX 2 Features (told you we’d do it)
Let’s start off by listing some of the obvious attributes: it’s 4” long, it’s got a 30 second heat time, it has haptic feedback, multiple design styles, an improved mouthpiece, improved silicone cooling system, an enhanced LED display, finely tuned heat settings, 10x16MM ceramic chamber, and a temperature range of 356-428 degrees Fahrenheit. It also looks like it produces some sort of laser. We’re not sure if that last part is true, but it can’t hurt to try!

Listing specs is a little lazy, we’ll admit. Instead, let’s break this down: you’re looking at one of the finest vaporizer brands that exist. Pulsar has pumped out product after product that leads the vaporizer industry into new territories and improves the vaping experience of thousands. This particular vaporizer boasts strength, aesthetic, and functionality. For its size, it outperforms basically any other vaporizer at half the price. There isn’t a single vaporizer that can match this price with any of the capabilities that the APX 2 has to offer, and that’s coming from the most reliable vape merchant around (shameless plug, but we know you love Vapaura).

Within 30 seconds, you can enjoy your dry herbs without the wait. Haptic feedback ensures that you won’t miss out when your herbs are good to go: the vaporizer will vibrate. What’d we say about Pulsar innovation? Brilliant! The LED display is nothing short of a slam-dunk, allowing any user to check their battery life and heat settings. The on/off button is an upgrade from the original APX and feels more natural and responsive. A vastly improved mouthpiece leads to an ultimately comfortable experience, like a pleasant stroll through Vapaura’s product selection (can’t stop, won’t stop).

Did you think we were finished? Not yet! With five preset settings for heat, you can customize your vaping better than ever before! Not only this, but the 10x16MM ceramic chamber leaves tons of room for your dry herbs. If you want bang for your buck, this is the vaporizer to go for. Pulsar really is a marvel.

Honesty is key, and Vapaura intends to be completely transparent about our products. We’ve scoured the Internet for Pulsar APX 2 reviews, and we’re happy to say that we haven’t seen it ever hit below 4 stars. Although there have been some negative remarks about broken machinery, these are incredibly rare. Typically, users have had an overwhelmingly positive experience, stating that the device has an incredible battery life and that it’s the perfect portable vape.

The downside? Apparently, the screens can get clogged after a couple of uses. This clogging issue has been seen throughout a decent amount of reviews, and some have taken to using different screens than the ones provided in the kit. As far as downsides go, we would say this is a pretty insignificant issue. If you’re someone who would find this to be a hassle, well, it’s certainly a possibility to note before you make your purchase.

Since the original Pulsar APX, there have been some changes that we think you’re going to like. Right off the bat, you’re looking at a far sleeker design that appeals to modern style, as well as a wider range of temperature capability. The battery life has been improved, and the time that it takes to charge is much shorter. On top of this, you’re looking at a far more customizable vaporizer that comes in several different colors and designs. Essentially, you’re looking at a more powerful, more ergonomic vaporizer that still boasts a fantastic price.

Vapaura for All of Your Vaping Needs
While you check out the glory that is the Pulsar APX 2, make sure that you browse the rest of our selection! You’ll be sure to find something that fits your vaping lifestyle, and we take pride in our wide variety of awesome brands! With Vapaura, you’ll find great products under equally great customer service. If you have any questions about a product or any information at all, don’t hesitate to contact us! Let’s see what Vapaura can do for you, today!

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