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Selecting the Best Vaporizer for You

Maybe you like lettuce and tomato on your burgers and your best friend prefers onions. Perhaps you have a plain black cellphone case and your sister’s is blue and sparkly. There’s a chance you order your coffee black, while your partner wants three creams and nine sugars. The point is, in this day and age, we always have options; everything is customizable, everything is made-to-order. Having choice and control when purchasing, well, anything, is something we have become happily accustomed to.

The case is no different when it comes to vapes. The year is 2018, and our moment has arrived: vaping is officially a thing. With the rapid increase in the popularity of vaporizing oils and dry herbs, a seemingly limitless amount of options abound. Thankfully, Vapaura places these options right at your fingertips – from the moment you complete your online order with a “click” until your product arrives at your door. The question is no longer about simply buying a vape but about buying the right vape. Whether you opt for the Silver Surfer desktop model vaporizer or the DaVinci portable vaporizer, we want to provide you with best vaping experience possible. That experience begins with your selection process.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Vape We weren’t kidding about options; Vapaura currently offers forty-nine different brands of vapes. That translates to forty-nine brands that then provide multiple models and styles. Here are a few things to ponder in your quest for the perfect vape:

Portability Whether you’re just reading a book or chilling with friends, desktop vapes are an awesome go-to for enjoying a relaxing night at home. Desktops are also cool because they can sometimes offer more options in terms of settings and attachments. A reliable home vaporizer is a solid option for many people. On the flip side, the rising trend of vaping whilst out and about shows that vaping wherever and whenever you want is a luxury that many enjoy. Hiking on a scenic mountain at sunset; strolling through the city with your bros or besties; seeing one of your favorite artist perform a live show – these can all be vaping moments if you want them to be, with the use of a handy-dandy portable vaporizer.

Dry Herb Vs. Concentrate If you prefer the old-school vibe of good old-fashioned, tried and true dry herbs, there are many options available, all with varying features. The Kandypens K-Vape Vaporizer, for example, boasts three temperature settings, universal micro USB connection, a large stainless-steel heating chamber, and five-minute auto shutoff capability. The IQ, a DaVinci portable vaporizer model, is a highly sophistication vape that comes with a precise digital temperature control system, Bluetooth integration capability, a cubic zirconia airpath, boost and standby modes, and smart path technology. The Atmos RX Junior Vaporizer, on the other hand, is simpler and thus incredibly user friendly with instant heat-up, a compact design, and one-button activation.

Vapes specific for use of oil are another option. A main difference for most users, when choosing between oil and dry herb, is flavor. E-juices come in all kinds of flavors, from fruity and sweet to savory and rich. For many vapers, flavor is a big part of the vaping experience, so having greater flexibility in flavor selection can be a highlight of using oils.

Conduction Method vs. Convection Method Whether you opt for dry herbs or oils, one thing that remains the same is the need for application of heat to the substance. Nobody enjoys flashbacks of chemistry class (unless, of course, you are a chemist), so we will keep it short and sweet: conduction method means that the heat source comes in direct contact with the vaping material; convection method applies heated air to the material. Convection is the more common method these days, but there are many conduction-method products still on the market. More information can be found on our Knowledge Base page.

Style Vapes vary in terms of size, color, and design. Vape pens are a popular portable design, with a sleek shape that can easily be carried in a purse or jacket pocket. Other portable models may have a more rectangular, easy-to-grip base, a rounded or oblong shape, or even a shape akin to other household items, such as the look of an inhaler or to-go coffee cup. There is even a DaVinci portable vaporizer model, the DaVinci Ascent, which has the form of a flip-phone. More designs are being introduced all the time! And many models are offered with varying color options – the previously mentioned KanyPens K-Vape comes in six different colors, including camo!

Parts and Accessories Use of your vape involves maintenance, and we want to make that as simple as possible for you. Vapaura offers various chargers, mouthpieces, cleaning brushes, water adapters, screens, and storage options. After making your selection, please check out all we have to offer to best suite your awesome new vape.

Don’t forget that we are always here for you – if you have any questions, concerns, or comments, we offer live chat support, phone service, and email service. You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (we love a good meme as much as the next guy). Happy vaping, everyone!

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