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Pulsar APX Vaporizer Review

In today’s market, quality vaporizers are hard to come by. In fact, it’s often a difficult challenge for vaporizer brands to appease the unique tastes of their customers. Regardless of this obstacle, Pulsar has steadily transitioned into a brand that, in the past few years, has produced some of the most quality vaporizer products. One of their newest products, the Pulsar APX Vaporizer, presents itself as an affordable vaporizer designed to give its users the best possible experience. 

Although this vaporizer has its share of disappointing qualities, the advantages of this product are fairly satisfying for any potential customer looking for a quality product. This review will extensively cover all of the important features and aspects of this new Pulsar vaporizer so that you can be the final judge. 

Composition Quality
The Pulsar APX features a compellingly sleek and straightforward build. The product has only one button for use and already features five pre-set temperature settings that range from 356° to 428° Fahrenheit. Therefore, this product is an ideal purchase for both new and seasoned vaporizer customers who may have different heating preferences. 

The Pulsar APX is equipped with a standard 1600mAh lithium-ion battery, giving it the adequate amount of power for up to six sessions, which is approximately 90 total minutes in a single use. Compared to standard portable vaporizers, this feature is fairly common. Although, it’s not ideal for customers looking to use the vaporizer all throughout the day. 

Another great feature of this product is its heat-up time. While many high-end vaporizers can take up to two minutes to heat up, the Pulsar APX takes just 40 seconds. Also, the ceramic heating chamber is designed specially to heat herbs and other concentrates to an optimal temperature in order to reinforce a flavorful and quality vapor. 

Taste Quality
For a relatively inexpensive vaporizing model, the Pulsar APX’s vapor quality is far from cheap. Unlike most portable vaporizers where the size can affect the efficiency of the vapor quality, the Pulsar APX features an incredible ceramic heating chamber and quality temperature settings for a precise and bold taste. 

Still, there is a potential downside for customers who prefer wax concentrates over dry herbs. While this product’s temperature versatility can effectively produce decent wax vapors, the taste is distinctly secondary in comparison to dry herbs. By all means, this product has a surprisingly spectacular vapor quality in spite of its low cost, but some customers will have to wait for another product that offers versatility of both dry herb and wax concentrates. 

Design Quality
The Pulsar APX Vaporizer has a relatively simple design, but comes with a wide array of colored options to choose from. Although the unimpressive design is somewhat disappointing, there is an advantage in regards to the product’s discreetness. 

The entire product is composed primarily of plastic, but it is covered with a coating of light rubber at its base, which allows the vaporizer to cool down after use, and maintains a solid grip for handling. For a portable vaporizer, this product cools down fast to keep you safe on the go. 

Direct Use Quality
The Pulsar APX is designed to be a portable and affordable vaporizer, and it truly succeeds in that regard. Surprisingly for its price, the APX is sturdy yet feels comfortable to carry around. The sleek design makes the APX convenient to hold and handle, regardless of your location. 

In addition to the direct use quality, the price plays an important factor of determining the benefits of purchasing a quality vaporizer. Particularly, the APX does have some durability concerns, but its low price is generally appealing enough to encourage buyers to look past those issues. 

Pros and Cons
In a nutshell, the APX is a great buy for those looking for a quality vaporizer with a fresh taste and solid build, but there are some striking disadvantages that could alter the utility of this product. Here are most of the defining pros and cons of the Pulsar APX. 

Convenient to use for herb and wax concentrates
Sturdy and simple design
Efficient and flavorful vapor production
Affordable price
Broad range of temperature controls
Quick heat-up time

Low buzzing noise and plastic design spells out some durability concerns
Unimpressive design lacks creativity
Not nearly as efficient with other concentrates other than dry herb. 

For consumers looking for an affordable and convenient vaporizer with the ability to produce a quality vapor, the Pulsar APX Vaporizer is a useful tool for any potential buyer. For its price, the Pulsar APX represents a product that gives you exactly what you pay for with some additional bonus benefits. 

While there are some disadvantages that could hamper its universal appeal, this product is fairly useful for new and veteran vaporizer purchasers. Overall, the Pulsar APX is an ideal purchase if you can look past its flaws. For more information on the Pulsar APX, or other vaporizer products, visit our site or contact us today and our excellent and knowledgeable customer service representatives will be happy to help with any questions you might have!





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