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Cheap Desktop Vaporizers

Cheap Desktop Vaporizers

Owning a desktop vaporizer is a necessity for any vaping enthusiast. They offer bigger and heavier hits in the comfort of your own home. We know they can be expensive, but they don’t have to be. Looking around at different options will help to compare and contrast prices, based on your budget. Here are our recommendations for desktop vaporizers that won’t break the bank.

Da Buddha

First on our list is the Da Buddha desktop vaporizer. This model is on the pricier side of affordable desktop vaporizers, at $189, however, with draws comparable to top-notch desktop vaporizers like the Volcano or Arizer Extreme Q (which cost around $300 - $600), it’s certainly worth the price. The vapor quality from Da Buddha is on par with these two because it uses a ceramic heating element and a glass pathway, which makes for cleaner, purer draws. It’s simple and easy to use - all you have to do is fill the end of the wand with herbs and turn the dial for it to heat up. One disadvantage is that you can’t adjust the temperature by degree, so you sort of have to guess at what temperature it works best. However, the vaporizer is designed to heat the herbs evenly and not burn them. There is no fan or forced-air system, so you take draws using a whip and your lungs. The device also offers hands-free vaping because the wand will stay in place once you attach it. Another minor drawback is that the glass connector from the heating element tends to get a little hot after several minutes of continuous vaping, so it’s best to let it cool for a bit after each session. Nonetheless, the Da Buddha is a great option for a cheap desktop vaporizer because of its excellent vapor quality and ease of use.

The Easy Vape V5

The Easy Vape V5 is the cheapest, well-functioning desktop vaporizer out there. Priced at less than $100, this vaporizer gets the job done without compromising too much of the quality. It’s simple to use, and offers a hands free option as well. It’s a whip vaporizer and it also comes with an extended glass mouthpiece. You can control the temperature using the digital display in the front, allowing for a customizable vape session. The device only works with herbs though, so you have to make sure your herbs are ground up well so they’re vaporized evenly. There have been some issues with loading the herbs into the vaporizer without spilling any - due to the design of the device. However, if you attach the whip to the heating element quickly or flip the vaporizer upside down, it should help. Overall, the Easy Vape V5 is a great option for those just starting out or those looking for a simple, functional, and affordable device. The quality won’t be the absolute best, but it’s stellar for this price tag.

EpicVape E-Nano

The EpicVape E-Nano is another option for a cheap desktop vaporizer. It’s very small compared to other desktop vaporizers, however, it needs to be plugged into an outlet thus ruling it out of the portable vaporizer category. It’s a log style vaporizer, meaning it’s cylindrical in shape and has a wood exterior. The design of this vaporizer only allows for small amounts of herb to be vaporized at a time, meaning you’ll have to repack it often to get a full session. It’s extremely efficient, however, so your products will last a long time. You can change the temperature with a dial going from 1 - 10, and we find that the ideal range is between 6 and 8. This vaporizer also has a similar issue as the Easy Vape V5 where sometimes the herbs may fall out if you don’t use the device properly. Proper use entails holding the heating element and the mouthpiece horizontally when you’re attaching them so the herbs don’t escape from the bottom. All in all, this vaporizer is extremely light and small, relatively easy to use, and another exceptional option for an affordable desktop vaporizer.

There are plenty of other cheap desktop vaporizers out there, but those are our picks for the top three! If you have any questions about other devices, or anything about the ones listed here, don’t hesitate to contact us at 847-901-3211. Our experts are ready to chat with you about any of your vaping questions. Desktop vaporizers are both a staple for any vaping enthusiast as well as a perfect start into the world of vaping, so they shouldn’t be the reason to break the bank. Get an affordable yet high quality one today!

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